Our purpose is to branch out our fellowship beyond the “2-hour” Sunday morning time block we all set aside! This is a place to meet people in our community in the same age group and with similar interests. Outside of church, we promote meeting in any setting: coffee, lunches, bible studies, happy hours, snowboarding, and many more.


Our yearly rhythms include entry points for new 20-Something’s to DCC in the summer and fall. At the end of every fall we launch new small groups.

Contact Chad for more info.

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30-Somethings gather for a monthly brunch on the 1st Sunday of each month, and happy hour on the third Wednesday of each month.

Contact the group leader for more info.

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The 40-Somethings group is just getting started with a hope to create gatherings that allow for more connection and growth. Join the Facebook group to stay up-to-date on information about upcoming events and opportunities.

Contact the group leader for more info.

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50+ Group:

The 50+ group organizes gatherings and forms smaller groups to facilitate connection, growth and service.

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The mission of this group is to get information out about sports and recreation events put on by DCC groups/members. We want to use sports as a platform for building relationships through having a shared experience and providing a fun environment to invite friends to. Whether you are looking to join a league, drop-in for a pick up game, or just looking to meet new people, this group can provide you with those opportunities. For more information check out their Facebook page.