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The Finleys founded OIKOS, a community in the Eastern suburbs of Paris that forms leaders for intercultural ministry and cultivates transcontinental mission initiatives in the broader French-speaking world. As well as leading OIKOS, Jonathan is the Outreach Pastor of a local French church. This church is planting a daughter church in Val d’Europe, near Disneyland Paris. Karen teaches kindergarten in the French public school system and co-leads the children’s ministry at the Finley’s church.

The urban, multicultural Paris region represents just over twenty percent of France’s nearly 70 million people. Less than one percent of this population can be considered evangelical Christian.

The Finleys request prayer for:

  • Pray for the new church plant in Val d’Europe.
  • Pray for Karen as she teaches Kindergarten at a school in a poor area of town with many complicated social problems.
  • Pray for Jonathan and the rest of the teaching team as they work their way through the book of Romans with the two congregations that they serve, that the power of the Gospel would be evident.
  • Pray for Mission OIKOS.
  • Pray for Jonathan as he continues to serve the broader French-speaking world, creating transnational mission initiatives.

The Finleys blog:



WorldVenture website:


Ali fell in love with service and cross-cultural ministry on a 2-week mission trip to La Paz, Bolivia in high school. Since then she has continued to serve the poor here in the U.S. as well as abroad. God continues to prove his incredible love and faithfulness as Ali seeks to follow his calling toward a life of ministry alongside the “least of these”.

After a long journey of discernment, Ali has answered the call to serve long-term in La Paz, Bolivia. In 2013, she joined a ministry called Word Made Flesh as field staff for their Bolivia site. Word Made Flesh is called and committed to serve Jesus among the most vulnerable of the world’s poor. This calling is realized as a prophetic ministry for, and an incarnational, holistic mission among the poor. The WMF community in Bolivia seeks to realize this ministry among persons affected by prostitution, through relationship and opportunities for transformation.

In addition to having a continual presence among those involved in the sex trade in El Alto, the ministry seeks to begin the process of healing and transformation through various classes, counseling, medical support, etc. They also have a micro-business called Suti Sana through which they are able to offer full-time employment to women who have made the brave decision to leave the sex trade. The women learn how to sew and make a living by crafting beautiful purses. We are also breaking into the granola bar industry! The Lord has proved powerful and faithful in providing healing and restoration for these precious women and their families.

Ali requests prayer for:

  • Freedom and healing for the thousands sexually exploited through prostitution here in La Paz / El Alto
  • Growth and success of the Suti Sana micro-business
  • Bonding and becoming a family for the entire WMF staff team
  • Settling into my apartment and neighborhood
  • Finding my long-term role within the ministry
  • Reliance on Jesus to sustain me in every way

Word Made Flesh website:

Suti Sana website:

WMF Bolivia & Suti Sana FB Page:

Ali’s email address:

Ali’s personal blog:



The Terpstras work alongside the church in Maputo, Mozambique to minister to streetboys, kids with special needs, and sex trafficking survivors. Dave helped to start Free The Girls, an organization that provides job opportunities to survivors of sex trafficking. Free The Girls partners with after-care facilities in the developing world to help sex trafficking survivors start a small business as vendors of second-hand clothing. You can find out more at Dave and Amy also work with a day-center for boys who live on the streets. Together with the leaders of the center, Dave has opened a gym that provides income for the center, job opportunities for the boys, and a Christian witness in the community. Finally, Amy works at the international school as the special education director. Working with teachers, families and students with special needs, she demonstrates Christ’s love to struggling students. Dave & Amy request prayer for:

  • Ask God to watch over our family as the security situation in Mozambique is in flux
  • Ask God to give Amy a successful witness with families, students and faculty at the school
  • Ask God to encourage the women in the Free The Girls program as they start a new venture

The Terpstra’s blog:

The Terpstra’s email: Free The Girls’ website:  


It was 2006 when I first went to Eburru Kenya, and fell in love with the people and the ministry there. I went back to Eburru every summer from 2007-2011, and decided to move there full time in August of 2012 to work with Pastor Steve and his wife Mary, who have started Camp Brethren Ministries. Camp Brethren Ministries exists to glorify God through providing holistic care to the communities in and around Eburru. This includes providing education, healthcare, charity work, and assisting the orphans, aged, vulnerable, and destitute. Camp Brethren has a medical clinic, school, and orphanage serving the people of Eburru and the surrounding areas. I joined Camp Brethren to help in whatever way I can. Sometimes this means taking corn to the mill to be ground into flour, sometimes this means driving a patient to the hospital, sometimes this means communicating with short term teams who are coming to Eburru to serve. Many of my days, however, are spent walking through Eburru town finding kids who are not in school who are just wandering around. I spend time with the kids, find their families, hear their stories, listen to them, sometimes feed them, and try my best to make them smile every day. My desire is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a place most folks have forgotten.

Kara’s Email:

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We work with Cru City in Denver, guiding Millennials to listen to the voice of Jesus in community & live out their faith in community. We believe that Millennials are incredible assets to our communities. We dream of a day in Denver when there are pockets all over the city of 20-somethings following Jesus together & living their lives alongside people who do not follow Jesus. We also facilitate LifePlans with The Paterson Center, helping people live lives full of purpose & vision in their communities. You can connect with us at



David Meserve is the director of Urban Skye, a 10 year old umbrella organization for non-traditional pastors in Denver and serves as the community coordinator for The Spiritual Formation Alliance. With a masters in counseling from Colorado Christian University and an MDiv from Denver Seminary, he has served within the Denver faith community for almost 25 years pastoring in a large suburban church, a young urban church and, currently, as a “freelance pastor”. Through Urban Skye Publishing, Dave has authored several collaborative liturgical works including six Advent Guides, 7 Stories: A Guide to your Spiritual Autobiography and A Denver Book of Prayer. Dave and Shari have two girls in college and a son in middle school. He holds a deep reverence for Kansas Jayhawk basketball, enjoys unique coffee houses and is proudly related to the Wicked Witch of the West.

Urban Skye Website:



The Denver Faith & Justice Conference offers two days of training on how to actively respond to local injustices. Diverse churches and non-profits, through the DFJC, equip and empower individuals and communities to identify and respond to the most pressing issues in our city. During the Pre-conference we will focus on Soul Care for practitioners across the city serving with non-profts and churches. The Main Conference event will explore pressing justice issues in Denver through the lens of our theme that year with the direction of our Main Speakers and Breakout Session Leaders.  The DFJC is more than a conference, it is a conversation for all to participate in. Bring your voice to the conversation. Minde Smyth is the Director of the Denver Faith & Justice Conference. For more information you can email Minde at  



The desire of Access is to learn to live and breath incarnational presence right here in the Mile High City. We deliberately spend time with the marginalized and overlooked of our city through partnering with the ministries of Network Coffee House and Joshua Station.

We’ve found that this prayerful presence within the hard places of our city leads us toward increased honesty about the personal hard places within our own lives. It seems God’s ongoing invitation to join his work on the margins parallels the invitation to join his transformative work of deepening our own likeness to Christ.

Access is a spiritual formation community that meets bi-weekly to practice an action/contemplation rhythm of learning. Another aspect of Access is hosting Poverty Walks at the Network Coffee House. Poverty Walks allow church staffs, small groups, and students to prayerfully reflect on the realities of urban poverty through the lens of God. Aside from hosting Poverty Walks, Ryan speaks regularly at area churches and ministries.

Access Website:

Ryan’s Blog:




1 in 4 people will struggle with a mental illness this year, and 1 in 17 will struggle with a major mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Because of this, Brandon founded My Quiet Cave to help churches support people with mental illnesses. Now he helps facilitate and develop classes for churches, put together groups, and develop leaders who are helping people with mental illnesses. Brandon works with My Quiet Cave to help people experience the profound love of Jesus in the midst of mental illnesses. He is a Christ follower, and a person with bipolar disorder. You can reach Brandon at And you can find out more about My Quiet Cave at



We mobilize our communities and equip leaders for God’s transformational work among the poor.  Our three strategic priorities are:

1.       Empower the poor

2.       Equip leaders

3.       Mobilize our communities

We accomplish this through four core programs:

Joshua Station Transformational Housing for homeless families

Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic

Issachar Center for Urban Leadership

Denver Urban Semester

Through our partnership with DCC and other local churches, we mobilize our communities to know and understand the poor and issues around poverty through building relationships that bring transformation for everyone. For more info contact:



We mobilize our communities and equip leaders for God’s transformational work among the poor.  Our three strategic priorities are:

1.       Empower the poor

2.       Equip leaders

3.       Mobilize our communities

We accomplish this through four core programs:

Joshua Station Transformational Housing for homeless families

Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic

Issachar Center for Urban Leadership

Denver Urban Semester

Through our partnership with DCC and other local churches, we mobilize our communities to know and understand the poor and issues around poverty through building relationships that bring transformation for everyone. For more info contact:



Victims of domestic violence and their children often lack the resources needed to free themselves from abusive relationships and the legal knowledge to know their rights. The access to a lawyer is one of the most important factors in determining whether a victim of domestic violence will return to an abusive relationship. The Justice and Mercy Legal Aid Clinic (JAMLAC), a program of Mile High Ministries, is a faith-based, non-profit law firm dedicated to serving abused and impoverished people. JAMLAC address the practical legal needs of people struggling with poverty and oppression by providing them with bi-lingual legal representation and holistic advocacy for both civil and immigration matters.

  •  Last year JAMLAC provided legal services to 898 low-income clients, 97% of whom were victims of domestic abuse.
  •  In partnership with the Christian Legal Society, JAMLAC provided legal consultation to an additional 1067 low-income individuals through eight local triage clinics.
  • In the past year, JAMLAC had 86 volunteers donate 2,562 hours of service.

For more information contact Nikki at or visit our website at  


Robin Gerig Emerick is an alumna of Portland State University with a B.A. in Sociology and minor in Community Development. She is in her sixth year on staff with InterVarsity and serves on the Auraria campus and loves the urban campus and the city of Denver. Robin has a passion for seeking God’s heart of justice for the city and inviting college students to encounter the story and life of Jesus. In her spare time, Robin enjoys making memories with her husband, drinking a good cup of coffee and spending time with friends. Some of her hobbies include crocheting, pickling and cooking. She has a very loud laugh, but don’t let that scare you!


DCC MOPS meets every other Friday morning at DCC.

MOPS is a space for moms of littles- by that we mean, pregnant with your first up to having kids in preschool. If we are being honest, sometimes deciding to flourish scares us, because flourishing is wild and organic. It is unpredictable and hard to define and far from tame. It is a dance with holy goodness. And that is both terrifying and thrilling. This next year at MOPS, we are choosing to flourish fiercely together.

Click Here for information about MOPS groups starting in September 2015 at Uptown and Wash Park. You can also send an email to, or visit our Mops Facebook, or the Mops wesbsite.


Since getting married, we’ve prayed God would lead us on His adventure and for our hearts to be aligned with the underserved of the world.  That journey has taken us out of our culture, landing us in Uganda working with Congolese Refugee women, and launching a humanitarian media company, Designed4.

Our son Porter joined our adventure in 2013, born in Kampala Uganda and two years later Judah joined our little tribe.  We currently live and work in southwest Uganda.

We are missionaries with World Venture, a missions organization working towards lasting impact for the good news of Christ around the world.  World Venture has been around since 1943, has over 500 missionaries in the field and works in 70 countries around the world. You can learn more about this amazing organization here.


Extreme Community Makeover (ECM) coordinates volunteer teams to partner with underserved people to improve their own homes and neighborhoods. These projects build safer environments; cultivate community among residents, neighborhoods, and networks of local resource providers; and connect residents to a permanent path towards healthy, hopeful, and stable lives.  ECM is designed to invite volunteers into a partnership with residents of specific Denver neighborhoods (Barnum, Elyria, Globeville, La Alma/Lincoln Park, Swansea, Villa Park, West Colfax, and Westwood) to complete home and neighborhood improvement projects.  These projects include graffiti removal, landscaping, painting, yard work, or other projects identified by the residents as we adopt “one block at a time”.  Groups such as churches, companies, families, and schools may participate, or individuals can take part.  Equally important as fences that are built are the relationships being built—between the volunteers and community members, among the neighbors on a block, and between the community and resources in their neighborhood.

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HIV Care Link is an interdenominational HIV/AIDS ministry that believes in the value of every person, holds to the timeless truths of scripture and is committed to obeying Jesus’ command to love all people: actively, tangibly and self-sacrificially.

HIV Care Link is committed to preventing the spread of HIV, empowering and supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS and equipping the church to minister effectively to people living with HIV.

For more info contact


Network is a coffee house for homeless folks in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It exists in order to build long-term, redemptive relationships with some of the most marginalized people in the city of Denver. We are not primarily a service provider, we simply seek to try to get to know our clients in Christ’s living room over coffee and conversation. In being present in this space, we believe we both encounter Jesus in new ways and communicate dignity to our friends on the street. If you wish to come and hang out with us, we welcome all who would come.

Check out the website at

For more info contact



More Details Coming Soon!



More Details Coming Soon!


Open Door Ministries exists to provide practical help and hope to people in Denver’s inner city who are homeless or low income. The primary objective is to move them toward self-sufficiency by helping change the circumstances and life patterns that have held them captive to poverty and addictions. Through 15 distinct programs, they focus on tangible needs like food, shelter, access to education, and employment training, as well as intangible needs such as friendship, hope and Christian spiritual guidance.

Since the issues faced by our friends tend to have many layers, Open Door has learned that the best way to help them succeed is to surround them with support, holistically empowering them to overcome obstacles, attain self-sufficiency and thrive.

Bust Stop Ministries // MORE INFO


Bus Stop Ministries has been serving people experiencing homelessness in the Denver Uptown neighborhood for 21 years. Bus Stop Ministry meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7am for a healthy breakfast, a sermon, prayer and community. Bus Stop Ministries (alongside other influencing organizations) has assisted in seeing over 120 men and women transition out of homelessness. The design of the ministry is ‘one person at a time’ where relationships are prioritized and friendships are formed. Friends can then provide assistance walking through life’s obstacles together through support and prayer. The ministry prides itself on providing delicious morning meals as we’re called to ‘love our neighbor as ourselves’ and not simply provide leftovers. Once breakfast is completed, the men and women walk together to the Network Coffee House where Camille Mack (Bus Stop Founder) and others lead a in depth bible studies and pray for one another.

Check out their website at

For more info contact


Zach works with Incarnation Ministries, a national college campus ministry that is deeply multi-ethnic and LGBTQ+ inclusive in its approach to Bible study and Christian discipleship, and is excited to bring Denver’s first chapter of this organization to the Auraria campus. With campus ministry experience specializing in small group implementation and leadership development, an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary, and a part-time clinical counseling practice that focuses on human sexuality, LGBTQ issues, faith development, and privilege and oppression, Zach brings a passion for young adult identity development, social justice, and the cultivation of authentic community into his work with college students. Zach strives to create a safe and welcoming environment where marginalized students can ask difficult questions, cultivate a personal and communal faith experience, and develop leadership skills through small groups, involvement with local churches, and service work. Connect with Zach at Website



Brian Newman works with The Isaac Ishmael which he co-founded in 2011 to promote a biblical peace (shalom) among Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Brian comes from a Jewish background and works closely with his colleague, Ashraf, who is from a Muslim background, and with Jeff, who is a white guy from a racist town in the Midwest of the U.S. Together they do seminars to help people of different faiths comes together to learn from each other. Brian also spends much time in Europe working with refugees as well as in the Mideast and North Africa relating to Muslims and Jews.