Here at DCC, we value journeying together and intentionally connecting with each other to learn how to follow Jesus and demonstrate God’s love to the world. Learning Groups are short-term study groups that provide an opportunity to learn and grow with others. Here are our current Learning Groups (click on title for more information):

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A Study in Genesis 

WHAT: Spiritual formation is important as it helps us understand our spiritual roots. There can be no place better than the book of beginnings, Genesis. This study will focus on Abraham, and then followed by Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. These patriarchs help us understand what faith is (and is not) as we watch them struggle with loving and following God and grow from spiritual infants into those possessing adult faith.

Not only will we be watching the formation of their faith, but we will, along the way, learn much about interpersonal relationships: husbands and wives, sibling, employer/employee—as well slaves to owners back then. We’ll also learn about how to view those in our community. We will chart the father of faith’s own faith to see how this giant of the Bible (Abraham) is like us.  We will discuss what we can learn from him and the other patriarchs to see how their faith walks apply to our own lives in 2020.

WHERE: Englewood

WHEN: Weekly on Thursdays, beginning January 23, 7pm


REGISTER: Contact GROUP LEADER to sign up

MOPs (Mothers of Pre-schoolers)

WHAT: We are a community of moms of young children seeking to provide connection… and coffee! MOPS is a space for moms of littles- by that we mean, pregnant with your first up to having kids in preschool. If we are being honest, sometimes deciding to flourish scares us, because flourishing is wild and organic. It is unpredictable and hard to define and far from tame. It is a dance with holy goodness. And that is both terrifying and thrilling.

WHERE: DCC Wash Park and DCC Uptown

WHEN: DCC Wash Park MOPs meets on the 1st and 3rd Fridays from 8am-12pm; DCC Uptown MOPs meets on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 8am-12pm

KID FRIENDLY: Yes; Childcare is provided

REGISTER: Click here to register for Wash Park; Click here to register for Uptown; Email for more info.

Pre-Marital Learning Group 

WHAT: The Premarital Learning Group is for seriously dating, engaged or recently married couples in venues like Topics to be covered include: marriage as a covenant, communication, conflict, finances, sex, and family of origin patterns. Couples will have the opportunity to engage with one another, and to a lesser extent, with the instructors and the other couples.

WHERE: Wash Park Community Room

WHEN: This group is currently schedule to meet on March 15, March 22 and March 29. Check back often for any updates.

REGISTER: Contact Scott for more information