Immigration has become a very divisive and politically partisan issue in our current culture and the politics are complex. Yet, as followers of Jesus rooted in the Christian scriptures, we have a calling to welcome and show hospitality to the foreigner among us. The very word “hospitality”, commanded throughout  the Bible, literally means “love of foreigners”.  Our hope is that our community would both learn about and move toward the “foreigners” in our midst.  Here are few simple way that you can do this:

  • Detention Center Visits: Learn more about visiting immigrants and refugees at the ICE Detention Center by participating in one of our training sessions:
    • Sunday, May 19 from 11:45am – 12:30pm at Uptown.
    • Sunday, June 2 from 10:15am – 11:00am at Wash Park.
    • To RSVP and receive more info on visitations, click here.
  • Sun Valley Immersion Experience:  We will be offering several Learning Immersions in the Sun Valley neighborhood with one of our pastoral residents, Jose Silva.  Each participant will do some pre-reading before the walk, engage in the learning experience (1 hour) and end with a debriefing lunch at Sun Valley Kitchen to reflect and learn about the work of the Kitchen. There will be three Immersion Experiences to participate in:
    • Saturday, June 1 10AM – 11:30AM. (Experience Full)
    • Saturday, June 8 10AM – 11:30AM. (Experience Full)
    • Saturday, June 15 10AM – 11:30AM. (Experience Full)
  • Border Trip participation*:  In order to promote a deeper learning experience with immigration, we have partnered with the Global Immersion Project and we will be offering two border trip experiences.  One in the fall of 2019 (Nov. 16 – 18), and another in Jan/Feb 2020 (dates are being confirmed).  For more information, click here.