The Hospitality teams at both our Uptown and Wash Park locations serve behind the scenes as living examples of a generous community practicing love in the ways of Jesus. These teams serve in various capacities both on Sunday mornings and at our events to create a safe environment, welcome guests, and serve our community.

On Sunday mornings, each location has a volunteer team that covers several areas, including preparing coffee, serving communion, greeting, washing mugs, and overseeing the safety of our building and community. These volunteers serve monthly, and generally rotate through roles depending on what the needs are each week.

During other events, volunteers show up to help set up/break down spaces, serve food, and help with whatever other needs arise in between. These volunteers serve generally a few times a year, whenever there is an event that needs behind the scenes help.

To be connected with the hospitality team, please contact Leah Vogel at Uptown or Liz Snyder at Wash Park.