These Hospitality teams help us live out our mission statement by coming together to experience community and providing the comforts of home. When you first came to DCC, you may have noticed that someone said hello to your or that there was fair trade coffee and tea available. When attending an event to learn more about DCC or our partners, you may  have gotten the bonus of some great food. Whether you can smile and say hi to folks, are a secret barista or enjoy seeing others enjoy a good meal, you could find a place on the hospitality team. Email Liz Snyder for more information about opportunities at Wash Park.




We love making people feel at home, what better way than serving up some warm fair trade coffee and an assortment of teas.

Involves set up or break down of coffee and tea stations (full instructions on the wall in the volunteer room)
Launder drop towels weekly on a rotating basis.

Time Commitment involved:
A Baristas will be asked to participate on a 4 week schedule according to # of participants.
We will have 2 shifts (1st and 2nd services) before and after service scheduled.

A team where foodies and want to be foodies come and hang out in the kitchen. They create an amazing venue by prepping great food and creating a beautiful atmosphere.

This team preps food for our DCC community events.
We typically have 2 large events yearly: a ministry team a(membership) luncheon and baptism in the park. (100 to 400 people)
We have approximately 8 smaller gatherings where we provide brunch/lunch for approximately 30 people.

Time Commitment involved:
The expectation is that you would volunteer for at least 1 large event and 1 small event yearly. Occasionally prepped food together as a team for other ministry areas to use for smaller venues.

The Chapel Support team will take ownership of the functionality and ascetics of the chapel. They welcome and engage the community. Keeping watch over lighting and sound levels, communicating with front of the house as issues arise.

To establish a teams presence, to create a warm and friendly environment.

Time Commitment involved:
Chapel Support would be prior and the end of both services, ideally participants would serve once a month.




To join in the observance of the Lord’s supper by serving the bread and wine to our community.

Serving the elements
To care for the station including replenishing the elements
To make sure all supplies are cleaned and put away

Time Commitment involved:
We serve communion on the 1st Sunday of each month.
We will have 2 shifts (1st and 2nd services). We serve the elements toward the end service.

The idea is to be visible in the neighborhood. Letting our neighbors know that we are concerned for them, mak ing ourselves available to them, and acting as a vehicle of peace.

We walk the neighboring streets and Whole Foods parking lot encouraging our community to be good neighbors, demonstrating God’s love to all.

Time Commitment involved:
The Good Neighbor Team commitment would be a monthly schedule, serving one service (before and after) once a month.

We believe that as people enter the building they should be welcomed by a committed well trained community member.

Focus of a greeter is:
To warmly welcome
To help direct and answer questions
To be aware of unusual circumstances and alert staff To help with seating

Time Commitment involved:
A Greeter will be asked to participate on a 4 week schedule according to # of participants.
We will have 2 shifts (1st and 2nd services) before and after service scheduled.



We are deeply concerned with our environment because we believe that God called this planet good, so we should treat it as such. Rather than supplying disposable cups, we provide our community with mugs and these mugs are cared for by this team.

Tasks are:
Collect mugs located at exit doors
Put into dishwasher, then dry
Stack and return to coffee stations
Launder towels, fold, bring back to DCC following Sunday

Time Commitment involved:
A Mug Washer will be asked to commit to participate on a 4 week schedule according to the # of participants. Usually takes 45 mins each shift.

We desire that all who enter our building be safe and secure.

Assist staff and greeters to make sure our services and our community enjoy a peaceful and pleasant experience.
To assist in all urgent situations as they occur.

Time Commitment involved:
Serving one service (before, during and after) once a month.