Application Deadline: December 23, 2018

The Immigrant Journey is a learning immersion trip at the US/Mexico border with the Global Immersion Project. Jon Huckens and the GIP team lead this 3-day intensive with a network of ministries and leaders that serve the immigrant/refugee population that are near the Tijuana border. Having lead and facilitated our own cross-cultural learning trips for years, the DCC staff is excited to learn from Jon and other leaders about the unique challenges of those accessing the border as well as those enforcing it. We share GIP’s philosophy that these sort of missional experiences are less an opportunity to “serve on the ground” but more an experience that cultivates missional reflections that we take back to our home context. This initial trip is intended to be a learning experience. Our hope at DCC is that this experience will inform our thinking and deepen our engagement with immigrants here in Denver as peacemakers.

Trip Details & Highlight of Experience:

  • An overnight at Casa Del Migrante, a hospitality shelter in Tijuana, to interact with immigrants and this important ministry.
  • A small group leadership setting to reflect and learn from Jon Huckens and his team.
  • An opportunity to learn and process alongside others within our DCC community.

Dates: Thursday, February 7th – Sunday, February 10th – Depart Denver International Airport on Thursday Evening and return on Sunday evening)

Cost: $850/person + Airfare to San Diego – The cost covers all transportation, meals, housing, fees, and support for local ministries we visit.

To Apply: Click Here

Deadline: December 23, 2018

For More Information: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I support-raise funds to pay for the experience? 

Yes. You have the choice of self-funding your trip or raising support through your personal network (or a combination of both). Each participant is ultimately responsible for the cost of the trip but we will provide simple training and basic materials for raising support. DCC will manage all of the arrangements for flights and payments to the Global Immersion Project. The Christmas season and year-end are great times to share this opportunity with family and friends by asking them to consider supporting you through a tax-deductible gift and/or as an alternative Christmas gift. The costs of this trip are fully tax deductible.

2. Are there scholarships available? 

Yes, there are limited scholarships available.  We recognize that each person / family has different financial means and we want this trip to be widely accessible.  We encourage support-raising as a means for making this trip possible. If you are concerned about your ability to raise funds and/or fund this experience please reach out to us so we can discuss this further.

3. What will we do on this trip? 

At DCC we share many of the same missional values with the Global Immersion Project.  One of those values is mutuality and learning as a primary posture for mission.  Tijuana, Mexico is one of the most evangelized cities in the world, constantly inundated by short-term missions groups year-round.  These charitable efforts have often produced adverse affects in this context.  Our primary purpose for this trip is to learn from this context, explore the first-hand realities of immigration, and bring this learning home in order to inform how we understand peacemaking in our local context.

4. Can I use Frequent Flyer Miles to pay for airfare?

Yes. You can use frequent flyer miles as long as you are on the same flight schedule (or arrive before and leave after) our group to and from San Diego International Airport (SAN).

5. How many people can go on this trip? 

20-30 participants.  In order for these trips to be sustainable GIP needs at least 20 people to make it work financially.  But, in order for the trip to be logistically feasible and to stay agile and intimate as a group, we cannot have more than 30 participants.

6. Will this trip happen again? 

Probably, yes. We have already had a very encouraging response from the DCC community.  Our hope is that we can offer a 2nd experience later this year.

7. Why do I need to apply? 

There are a variety of reasons that the application process is helpful for us.  We want to get a participant profile for each applicant, a more informed understanding of your cross-experiences, and it provides an easy way for us to communicate with you. In the case that we have more than 30 apply, we will be able to better discern who is best prepared for this first experience.

8. Do I need a passport? 

Yes, because we will be crossing the border into Mexico you will need a valid US Passport that does not expire in the next 6 months.  If you need to get a passport or renew a passport there is still time but you will need to do this ASAP!

9. Can children come? 

Due to the nature of the experience the trip is limited to those 13 and older.  Minors (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

10. What is the group commitment before and after the trip? 

We will plan to meet 4 times before the trip as a group to learn and connect as preparation for the trip.  Then, we will plan to meet at least twice following the trip to reflect on our experience and discuss implications for our own context here in Denver.