Denver Community Church started when a group of people felt led to move to Denver to start a church that would be so involved in the community that the only appropriate name would be Denver Community Church. DCC first gathered together in the spring of 2001. The vision of DCC has always been to journey together following Jesus, and to demonstrate God’s love to all people.

Today, by the grace of God, DCC is alive and well, which is the heart of our story. Our story is still being told, but it is not just one story; it is hundreds of stories from hundreds of people – stories of life change, healing, redemption, justice, and joy. It is the story of the Church – not brick and mortar – but people who live out the reality of God being in our midst.

Our mission is to live as a community who follows Jesus, journeys together, and demonstrates God’s love to all people.

Our vision is to be a holistic, Christian, missional community.

To live as a community who follows Jesus, journeys together, and demonstrates God’s love to all people

Denver Community Church is a holistic, Christian, missional community.

The good news of Jesus announces redemption for all parts of life. We experience redemption in our relationships with God, self, one another, and the earth. We understand that our mind, body, and soul are intertwined. We live out the continual transformation and wholeness that we have been given as a free gift from Jesus.

We embrace the whole Church with all of its triumphs and failures, recognizing our connectedness to a vast community of people. We are rooted in the ancient, grow in the present, and point toward the hope of our future. We do this as we live in community, expressing God’s intention for all humanity to live in authentic relationships.

The Church is the visible expression of Jesus in our world. We are never to sound retreat or withdraw from our culture; rather we are called to bring the peace of God to the world. We join with God in serving the poor, lifting up the oppressed, fighting injustice and bringing the love of Jesus to all people.

We gather together to explore the historic, orthodox truths of who God is and what He has done. We engage with the Bible through which God speaks to His people. As we explore His words we see ourselves in a long line of generations taking part in the endless conversation between God and people. The Bible tells us not only where we are going, but also where we have been.

Our engagement in prayer is the vehicle through which we learn to be still, to listen, to express dependence on God, and to move as He directs us. Prayer is our conversation with God, the method with which we enjoy intimate communion with Him. As we speak with God we journey inward to discover who we are, who God is and how to live in the ways of Jesus. The miracle of prayer is not that we can reach up to God but that God comes down to speak with us. Prayer is the foundation of all that we do.

We are not called to follow Jesus alone. We live in authentic relationships with one another that reflect our relationship with God. All people are created in the image of God and created to live in community. We care for one another, give to those who have need, pray for each other, serve side by side, hurt and celebrate together. In living this way we will learn how to live more like Jesus.

The Church is the presence of God in our world. This calls for us to be a people who perform and proclaim the hope-filled gospel of Jesus. We join with God in caring for the poor, comforting those who mourn, proclaiming freedom for the oppressed, fighting against injustice and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in our city and the world. We are as extravagant in our serving as we are in our worship.

We gather so that we can celebrate who God is with passion, generosity and creativity. We are passionate in our celebration because we take great joy in serving God and live with hope of a better future. We give generously as an act of worship, for we recognize that all we have has been given to us by God. We celebrate who God is with creativity because we are all created to create and  make the world we live in more beautiful for our Creator. We worship God with joy and gratitude and invite all people to celebrate with us, as we believe it is the best possible way to live.

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Director of Global Engagement, Project Renew

Oversees global partnership for Project Renew


Worship and Tech Pastor

Leads Worship, oversees our audio and video teams.


Program Coordinator, Project Renew

Coordinates Project Renew


Family Ministries Pastor

Leads Student Ministry and oversees DCC Kids


Executive Pastor

Oversees all Spiritual Formation (Adults, Students, Kids) and Business Operations


Wash Park Children's Pastor

Leads volunteers, teaches our kids, and helps parents be the primary spiritual voice in the lives of their kids.


Lead Pastor

Primary teacher and works with our Elder Team discerning vision


Facilities Manager

Oversees and maintains our facilities. See details below for more information.


Administrative Assistant

Oversees administrative and bookkeeping duties to support staff and our faith community.


Wash Park Worship Pastor

Leads our Wash Park Worship Teams and helps curate our Sunday Gatherings


Uptown Children’s Pastor

Leads volunteers, teaches our kids, and helps parents be the primary spiritual voice in the lives of their kids.


Neighborhood Pastor - Uptown

Serves as the Neighborhood Pastor for our Uptown location


Worship and Arts Pastor

Architects our weekly services and oversees our art team


Pastor of Mobilization

Primary leadership to Uptown location and oversees all missional endeavors


Neighborhood Pastor - Wash Park

Serves as the Neighborhood Pastor for our Wash Park location

Jessica Place

Children's Assistant

Assists Children's Pastors at both locations to teach our kids what it means to love God and love others.


Administrative Pastor

Manages resources for all aspects of our ministry (Facilities, IT, Finance, Operations)


Gathering Coordinator: Wash Park

Manages all hospitality for our Wash Park location


Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Oversees the spiritual formation of our community.


Gathering Coordinator: Uptown

Manages all hospitality for our Uptown location



Pastoral Resident


Pastoral Resident


Pastoral Resident

Position Openings

There are no current positions open at this time. For questions, please contact