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The mission of Denver Community Church’s Kids Ministry is to journey alongside families, educating and equipping children as followers of Jesus in order to share God’s love. This is in keeping with our broader mission at DCC to be a community that journeys together following Jesus, while demonstrating God’s love to all people. We believe the best way to raise kids to become adults who follow Jesus and demonstrate God’s love is by teaching biblical truths, providing opportunities to apply those truths, and by striving ourselves to be role models whose own lives serve as a consistent illustration of what is taught. Our goal is to serve parents as a partner in teaching children the practices of exploring God’s words, communicating with God and celebrating a relationship with God through their lives as they continue to journey together within their community, and serve their neighbors.

Our goal is to provide fun, safe, and age appropriate activities and content that will help teach all children, from infants to 11 years old, the values and practices of DCC.

The Children’s Ministry is available during all of our gatherings at both Uptown & Wash Park

INFANT ROOM Nursery care is offered for newborns and infants up to 12 months. Nursing mothers are welcome to use this room; diaper changing facilities are also available.

TODDLER ROOM For children 12-24 months. It is a time to play, eat snacks (goldfish & animal crackers), and have fun.

2 & 3 YEARS OLD ROOM In this class kids begin to learn and practice God’s word through a more structured curriculum. This includes: stories, center-based activities, circle time, games, table time, snacks, and prayer/Bible verse.

PRESCHOOL / KINDERGARTEN  In this class kids will learn more about The Big God Story, and how they are invited to play a part through their unique story. They are also learning how to put biblical truths into practice in their own lives.  This class includes a time of musical worship, small groups, and Christ-centered activities.

ELEMENTARY In this class kids will continue learning about The Big God Story and how they are invited to play a part. This class dives deeper into scripture studying biblical truths and putting it into practice. Through large group teaching, musical worship and small groups, the kids are introduced to many different avenues of learning.

SPECIAL NEEDS Are you a family who has kids with unique and special. Our Special Needs ministry is here to serve your kids on Sunday mornings and support families throughout the week through care and connection. If you are interested in connection or finding out more information please contact Lauren Jackson.  


Infant room (0-12 mos)           1:4
Toddler room (12–24 mos)     1:6
2s&3s                                           1:8
4-6 Yr. Olds                                1:12
7-11 Yr. Olds                               1:12

Connect We believe that there are many ways to connect your family to the DCC community. Two main ways we connect is through journeying together and demonstrating God’s love. We feel children will experience these things as their parents connect to the larger faith community.

We have many family-friendly groups which are a great place to begin building connections through community.

We also have many service opportunities for families to build better connections to your community here at DCC and in the city of Denver.

We also feel that at times families need a little extra support designed just for them. So we have partnered with two ministry organizations that are geared specifically for building community and equipping parents and families.


Once a quarter, we host a New Family Brunch for families new to DCC or new to DCC Kids. This is a great time to get to know our DCC Kids staff, hear about our Mission & Vision, learn about ways to get involved, and meet other new families. Look below for upcoming New Family Brunch dates.

January 14th: 11AM at DCC Wash Park

April 8th: 11AM at DCC Wash Park


DCC MOPS meets every other Friday morning at DCC.

MOPS is a space for moms of littles- by that we mean, pregnant with your first up to having kids in preschool. If we are being honest, sometimes deciding to flourish scares us, because flourishing is wild and organic. It is unpredictable and hard to define and far from tame. It is a dance with holy goodness. And that is both terrifying and thrilling. This next year at MOPS, we are choosing to flourish fiercely together.

Click Here for information about MOPS groups starting in September 2015 at Uptown and Wash Park. You can also send an email to, or visit our Mops Facebook, or the Mops wesbsite.

Resources January 2018


Toddler Parent Cue

2s & 3s Parent Cue

2s & 3s Memory Verse

Preschool – 3rd Grade 

Preschool-3rd Grade Parent Cue

4th & 5th Grade

4th & 5th Grade Parent Cue

Preschool – 5th Grade

God Time January Week 1

God Time January Week 2

God Time January Week 3

God Time January Week 4

Video update about this month’s theme and lessons

SERVE God calls us to join together, each using our unique gifts to create one body. If you are gifted and passionate about serving families and teaching children we would love to connect you to the children’s ministry. We also believe that many people have gifting that supports the children’s ministry but outside of Sunday morning and teaching. We have a place for you with many of our new ministry teams.

  • Sunday Morning Room Volunteers
    • Early Childhood Volunteers (2s & 3s, Toddlers, Infants)
    • Small Group Leaders (Preschool/Kindergarten & Elementary)
    • Creative Arts Volunteers (Worship & Story Telling)

Contact Lauren Jackson for interest in any of these open positions:



In order to provide the best safety for your children and our volunteers, we have a computerized check-in system. Check-in computers are located on the 3rd floor in the front of the Children’s Ministry entrance. Families may check-in at either computer kiosk. A volunteer will walk you through the check-in system on your first visit.

Families will receive two nametags for each child with a corresponding family ID number. One name will go on the child and one nametag will go on a clipboard inside the classroom. All children in the family will have identical numbers.

If, for any reason, you are needed during the service your family number will flash on the bottom of the screen in the sanctuary.

To pick up your children you must show your corresponding ID number to the classroom volunteer, they will take it and match it to the nametag on the clipboard.

Only parents and Children’s volunteers are allowed on the third floor during service. If you do not have your pager number or an orange volunteer lanyard, you may not be allowed access to the third floor.


This is a general list. Each room contains a more detailed Policies and Procedures Manual that can be accessed by all volunteers and parents. Click here to view illness guidelines.

  • Do not allow children to share bottles, pacifiers, cups – this is to prevent germs from spreading.
  • At snack time, check children’s allergies before giving any snacks to children. Snacks can only be eaten at the table.
  • When giving a baby a bottle, follow parent instructions for warming.
  • Remember to replace all items in the diaper bag as soon as you are finished with them. This will keep things from being misplaced. Children’s belongings remain in their cubby.
  • If you are unable to comfort a child—a child is clearly causing stress to other children; has been crying constantly and the crying continues to escalate; or is inconsolable after reading, rocking, holding, walking—use the paging system to alert the parents.
  • If a problem arises with a child during the service, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to share that information with the parent upon pick-up (i.e. picking fights, starting to feel ill, unusual diaper rash, etc.).
  • If an accident occurs, you MUST fill out an accident report, inform the parents, and have them sign the report.
  • A child can only leave with the person who brings back their assigned pager number.
  • If you observe either questionable actions by another church worker or questionable marks on a child, follow Denver Community Church’s child abuse reporting procedures (see CHILD ABUSE AND MOLESTATION POLICY).
  • If discipline is necessary, a brief time-out may be administered in a chair in the classroom. Discipline may not be associated with food or toileting. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, and derogatory remarks about the child are not permitted.
  • Provide positive affirmation.
  • Provide a consistent routine.
  • Set clear and specific boundaries for the children in our care that are age appropriate.
  • Provide a variety of activities to prevent boredom.

Remember that all children are a gift from God and need to be cherished and valued regardless of their actions.



Children’s Pastor



Children’s Coordinator