About Denver Community Church

Our Shared Mission, Vision and Practices

Our mission is to live as a community who follows Jesus, journeys together, and demonstrates God’s love to all people; our vision is to be a holistic, Christian, missional community.

Our Shared Story (Statement Of Belief)

Our theology is our story. Our beliefs are not simply a static set of propositions; rather they are expressed in the way we live our lives.

Our Staff And Leadership

A directory of our staff and leadership at DCC.

Our History

Denver Community Church started when a group of people felt led to move to Denver to start a church that would be so involved in the community that the only appropriate name would be Denver Community Church.

Ministry Team

Throughout the history of Denver Community Church we have determined to live in the ways of Jesus. As part of the ministry team at DCC we choose to do life together as we grow spiritually, agreeing to participate in the work of this ministry, and committing to invest in God's work at Denver Community Church with our hearts, our time, and our resources.

Shaping Theology

Theology is an on-going discipline that engages in critical reflection on the faith, life, and practices of the Christian community. Theology does not end with right belief, but should lead God's people to live out the teachings of Jesus in our context.


In direct relation to the earth we believe that we have a responsibility to care for creation. We have a deep concern for the environment and as a result have developed a Green Team asking: how can we be more earth friendly?

Prayer Requests

It is a driving passion at DCC for us to be journeying together. Part of this journey is sharing struggles and joys with each other. If you have something you would like to share, have prayed for, and/or even have someone respond to you about...please click here and share with us. Your journey is intertwined with all that call DCC home. Allow us to journey with you.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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